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Commercial Heavy Duty Trolleys

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Heavy duty trolleys

These trolleys are made of the highest grade stainless steel which makes them strong and robust.  With no exposed bolts or brackets they are easy to clean and maintain.  They are strong and durable which makes them perfect for any harsh hard working environment.

They are durable against corrosion and with a regular wipe over they can be kept looking as good as new.  There are no spaces for grime to gather so they are incredibly hygienic.  This makes them perfect for medical or veterinary environments where standards of hygiene are critical.

Designed for commercial kitchens but also ideal for food preparation areas such as bakers, dairies, fishmongers and  butchers.

At Stainless Steel Table we offer a range of products from leading quality suppliers designed for hygienic, catering and hospitality needs. If you need any further information or help, please contact us or call 01244 381281