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Fixed Over Shelves - Single, Rear Fit

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Rear fit fixed over shelves

Rear fit fixed over shelves attach to new or existing equipment. Fix to a heated counter, counter fridge and stainless steel tables.  Overshelves provide additional storage above the counter.  They keep work surfaces clear and organise ingredients and equipment.  Essentials are stored in an easy to reach space and therefore can make a more efficient work environment.

Stainless steel withstands changes in temperature making them ideal for a busy commercial kitchen.  Odours are not absorbed which makes them suitable for fishmongers, dairies, butchers, abattoirs and commercial kitchens.

Rear fit fixed over shelves are available in the following sizes:

SSTU312-1 rear fit fixed over shelves

SSTU412-1 rear fit fixed overshelves

SSTU512-1 rear fit overshelf

SSTU612-1 rear fit over shelf

SSTU312-2 two tier overshelf

SSTU412-2 double tier overshelf

SSTU512-2 two tier overshelves

SSTU612-2 double tier overshelves

No exposed bolts, brackets or components leaves no space for dirt to gather. Overshelves are easy to keep clean and hygienic.  Suitable for laboratories, hospitals, vets and any medical environment.

Frequently used in sandwich bars, pizza kitchen, cafe’s and restaurants.  Perfect for organising ingredients.

Rear fit fixed over shelves

At Stainless Steel Table we offer a range of rear fit fixed overshelves from leading quality suppliers designed for hygienic, catering and hospitality needs. If you need any further information or help, please contact us or call 01244 381281