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Wall Shelves

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Wall shelves are available in different sizes and are a useful addition to any commercial kitchen.  The stainless steel wall shelves are robust and hygienic.  A commercial kitchen wall shelf is ideal for any environment where stringent hygiene conditions are needed.

Stainless steel doesn’t absorb odours which makes this wall shelf perfect for any busy commercial kitchen, fish mongers, hospital, school and food preparation area.  The wall shelves can withstand changes in temperature so can be used in a cold store or hot environment.

There are no exposed bolts, brackets or components, available with upstand to rear, all seamless finish. Therefore, there are no gaps for grime to collect.  The stainless steel wall shelf is easy to keep clean and ideal for any environment where hygiene is essential.

At Stainless Steel Table we offer a range of wall shelves from leading quality suppliers designed for hygienic, catering and hospitality needs. If you need any further information or help, please contact us or call 01244 381281