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Single bowl catering sinks

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Stainless steel commercial 1200mm (48″) sinks
1200mm (48″) sinks are available in four different configurations.  They are either left or right side drainers and 10″ or 12″ deep bowls. All are single bowl commercial sinks with a corner drain and stainless steel overflow pipe.  Further more, they have a waste guard to prevent pipes from getting clogged up.

The stainless steel commercial sinks have an adjustable undershelf which is ideal for storing essentials in an easy to reach place.  Made from 1.2 mm stainless steel (18 guage) the commercial kitchen sinks are strong and robust.  The legas are made from stainless steel tubes which makes them easy to clean and tough.

1200 mm sinks are available in the following configurations:

Commercial kitchen sink left side drainer 12″ deep bowl

Stainless steel sink left side drainer 10″ deep bowl

1200 mm stainless steel commercial sink right side drainer 10″ deep bowl

Stainless steel commercial sinks right side drainer 12″ deep bowl

There are no exposed bolts, brackets or components. Designed for kitchens, food service areas,hospitals, laboratories, butchers, abattoirs, bakery, dairy, fishmonger, food processing,veterinary services and any other area where stringent standards are required.

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