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Centre tables 610 MM DEEP (24 inches)

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Stainless steel centre tables 610 MM DEEP(24”)
Stainless steel centre tables 610 MM DEEP(24”) are suitable for any harsh hard working environment where high standard of hygiene is essential. The tables are heavy duty quality and have a robust construction.  Stainless steel tables are a great addition to any work space.  The undershelf provides an easy to reach storage space which helps to keep work surfaces clear.

The centre tables look great with a good aesthetic style which is easy to keep looking as good as new.  The safety finish is easy to maintain and keep clean. Stainless steel doesn’t absorb odours which makes them ideal for food preparation purposes.  They can withstand changes in temperature which means they can be used in cold storage as well as environments with high temperature.

These robust fully welded centre tables have a depth of 610 MM (24”), and are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure they stand up to the typical pressure of busy kitchens and food prep areas. The smooth worktop of these tables is easy to clean and disinfect, helping you to maintain high standards of food hygiene.

We offer a range of stainless steel centre tables from leading quality suppliers designed for medical, catering and hospitality needs. If you need any further information about centre tables, please contact us or call 01244 381281

These stainless steel centre tables are unbeatable value with next day delivery throughout the UK.