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Stainless Steel Catering Trolley SST2133 ,

Stainless steel catering trolley SST1828 710 x 460 x 850 mm (28” x 18” x 34”) Handy stainless steel catering trolley


Stainless steel catering trolley SST2133 840 x 530 x 850 mm (33” x 21” x 34”) Universal stainless steel catering trolley

The stainless steel catering trolley is medium duty. It is useful in a variety of work environments such as moving items around a care home or hotel.  This universal trolley is ideal for any environment where high standards of hygiene are critical.

Stainless steel catering trolleys have been designed for use in a busy commercial kitchen but it is also used in a medical, veterinary and laboratory environment.  A regular wipe down with a soft cloth will keep it looking as good as new.  The up stands around the shelves will help to contain spills and prevent utensils from falling to the floor.  No dirt can gather in gaps or spaces due to the seamless construction. The round posts are easy to clean and are made from strong stainless steel.

This stainless steel catering trolley looks good enough to be used in front of house functions and tough enough to be used in many other roles.

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Stainless steel catering trolley specifications:

Three Stainless steel shelves

Size in inches:

33” long x 21” deep x 34” high

Size in millimetres:

840 mm long x 530 mm deep x 850 mm high

Box Includes:

1 x SST2133 Trolley with simple instructions
3 x Shelves – one with handle
8 x Round easy clean posts
4 x Castors (2 braked – 2 non braked)
1 x Set of fittings

Stainless steel catering trolley in stock and ready for next day delivery

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