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Stainless steel commercial kitchen tables SSWB530 , ,

Stainless steel commercial kitchen tables SSWB530 Wall Table 1524 x 762 x 914 mm (60” x 30” x 36”) 50mm (2.5”) Upstand to rear


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Stainless steel commercial kitchen tables – Commercial wall table SSWB530 Wall Table 1524 x 762 x 914 mm (60” x 30” x 36”) 50mm (2.5”) Upstand to rear

These stainless steel commercial kitchen tables are perfect for a busy commercial kitchen that demands a high quality and hygienic work surface.  These tables can by used to create long work area runs.  Made from high quality stainless steel so they able to withstand the rigours of a tough work environment.  They are able to withstand wide temperature variations and hold a lot of weight.

The seamless upstand to the rear prevents splashes to the walls and makes it easy to clean.  No dirt or grime can gather making it easy to keep hygienic.  The optional under shelf (or shelves) provides useful storage space which allows essentials to be stored away but convenient to access. This high capacity work space makes sure you can put everything in the right place and give you plenty of space to work.  It fits flush against the wall to make the best use of the available space.

These stainless steel tables are purchased for commercial kitchens mostly but a

re also used in food preparation, medical or any environment where hygiene is important.

Upstand to rear – 1.5 mm thick top

Size in inches:

60” long x 30” deep x 36” high

Size in millimetres:

1524 mm long x 762 mm deep x 914 mm high

Box Includes:

1 x SSWB530 table – simple instructions
4 x Round easy clean Stainless steel legs
4 x Stainless steel adjustable bullet feet
1 x Standard adjustable shelf
12 x grub screws & allen key

Stainless steel commercial kitchen tables (wall table) in stock – next day delivery

At Stainless Steel Table we offer a range of stainless steel wall tables from leading quality suppliers designed for hygienic, catering and hospitality needs. For further information on our stainless steel tables or help, contact us. Alternatively call us 01244 381281.

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