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Stainless Steel Shelves SSWS612 ,

Stainless steel wall shelf SSWS612 1829 x 305 (72” x 12” ) Catering wall shelf including screws, wall plugs & brackets


Stainless Steel Shelves including screws, wall plugs & brackets SSWS612 1829 x 305 (72” x 12” ) 

These stainless steel shelves are perfect for storing items that are needed within arms reach.  They can help keen a busy commercial kitchen tidy and orderly but still have essentials close at hand.  The 430 stainless steel construction makes them heavy duty quality and robust enough to cope with the rigours of a tough environment. The good aesthetic style not only makes them sturdy but also attractive and the safety finish is easy to maintain and keep clean. Suitable for any harsh hard working environment where high standards of hygiene are essential.

The stainless steel wall shelves is a practical storage solution for any kitchen, stock room or food preparation area. They allow you to make the best of the available space whilst making it easy to keep clean. There are no exposed bolts, brackets or components, available with upstand to rear, all seamless finish. They offer longevity in commercial kitchens and are durable enough to withstand constant use and changes in temperature. Designed for kitchens, food service areas, hospitals and laboratories. Stainless steel doesn’t absorb odours which makes these stainless steel wall shelves suitable for butchers, abattoirs, bakeries, and dairies.  Also ideal for fishmongers, food processing, veterinary services and any other area where stringent standards are required.

Stainless steel wall shelf specifications:

Size in inches:

72” long x 12” deep – 1.5” upstand to rear – Brackets are 10” high

Size in millimetres:

1829 mm long x 305 mm deep – 38 mm upstand to rear – Brackets are 254 mm high

Box Includes:

1 x SSWS612 Shelf – instructions
3 x bracket & bolts – 6 x wall plugs & screws

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