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Wall Cupboard Right Opening SSWC112-R

stainless steel wall cupboard SSWC112-L 457 x 305 x 610 (18” x 12” x 24” ) Wall cupboard, door opens to the left.


WALL CUPBOARD RIGHT OPENING – SSWC112-R 457 x 305 x 610 (18” x 12” x 24” )

Wall cupboard right opening; This stainless steel cupboard has a right opening door.  Its sturdy construction and safety finish make it easy to clean and long lasting.  Our wall cupboards are great for storing items whilst saving space.  Perfect for food preparation areas and busy kitchens where you want items close at hand but neatly stored. Items are kept secured and protected inside the cupboard.

The stainless steel wall cupboard has a centre shelf which adds more storage space. This is one of the best selling cupboards on the market. Great for areas with limited space and perfect for environments where hygiene is critical.

These stainless steel wall cupboards are often purchased for kitchens, food service areas, hospitals, laboratories, butchers, abattoirs, bakery, dairy, fishmonger, food processing, veterinary services and any other area where stringent standards are required.

There are no exposed bolts, brackets or components with seamless exterior finish. They are easy to clean because there are no places for dirt and grime to collect.  Wiping down with warm water and gentle detergent will keep the stainless steel cupboard looking as good as new.


Size in inches:
18” long x 12” deep x 24” high

Size in millimetres:
457 mm long x 305 mm deep x 610 mm high

Box Includes:
1 x SSWC112-R – simple instructions
4 X Heavy fittings

Stainless steel wall cupboard in stock – next day delivery

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