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We have a range of taps, pre-rinse and hose reel products that are suitable for commercial use.  All taps are heavy duty with sturdy construction to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen.

The commercial sink taps are available as mixer taps, cross head pillar taps, or lever pillar taps.  All taps are heavy duty chrome on brass and are of a robust construction.  Durable against corrosion and easy to keep clean.  A regular wipe over with a soft cloth will keep them looking as good as new.  The commercial sink taps have a good aesthetic style plus a safety finish. Suitable for any harsh hard working environment where high standard of hygiene is essential.

The mixer taps have a swivel spout and there are both cross head and level taps available.

The commercial pre-rinse taps are ideal for a busy commercial kitchen. There are two models available with different height options on the overhead spray.  Pre-rinsers are designed for restaurant or cafe kitchens but are also used in medical and laboratory environments.  Great for rinsing large pans, dishes and utensils.

Taps, Pre-rinse and hose reel

The open hose reel is heavy duty quality, robust construction, epoxy coated steel finish furthermore it has a good aesthetic style. The safety finish is easy to maintain and keep clean. Suitable for any harsh hard working environment where high standard of hygiene is essential.

Designed for kitchens, food service areas, hospitals, and laboratories. Suitable for butchers, abattoirs,  and bakeries. Perfect for dairies, fishmongers, food processing,  and veterinary services.  Frequently used in any area where stringent standards are required.

All taps fit the commercial stainless steel sinks and wash hand basins that we supply.

Taps, Pre-rinse taps and hose reel available next day

Stainless Steel Table provide a range of taps, Pre-rinse and hose reel from leading quality suppliers. Designed for hygienic, catering and hospitality needs. For further information on our stainless steel tables or help, contact us. Alternatively call us 01244 381281.